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NEW ! What is the support package ?

Some of our clients don’t need the permanent cooperation services-not yet at least. Many just need information and practical advice about business specifics, tax or immigration aspects in the different countries European Union.

Support package is an opportunity to receive permanent consultancy and advice about company formation, work permits, visas, work permits and trade license in European Union for a fixed annual fee of 399 Euro.

If you need information about running new European business and handling tax ; if you need second opinion about performance of your existing business in Europe ; if you need to know more about subsidies and quotes, or if you need urgent back-up about visa requirements – our Support package is the right place to start with.

Ready to start? Visit our contact page to request an invoice and pay by credit card; or to send us your feedback.To book the appointment please send us an email. We accept payments by credit card and Paypal.
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Click at the icon below to open the document in the pdf format.
Click at the icon below to open the document in the pdf format.
For business travel please click here for the requirement of Schengen visa for business purposes.
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Please fill the empty contract fields and return the signed contract to us.
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