Most convenient, profitable and efficient way to sell goods and services in the European Union, earn profits from EU markets, or to obtain European residence permit and work authorization is to establish a company in EU.

European connection project will assist  in every step of the process and will provide all necessary feedback and documents. Our permanent cooperation packages include tax advice and marketing assistance, thus allowing our clients to earn profits in the E.U.'s markets immediately after the incorporation of new European entity..

We will appoint a director, when necessary or when it is legally required, and will provide daily management of new firm upon further notice, handling tax and VAT relations.

Permanent cooperation includes marketing and sales assistance, business immigration and work permit applications, asset and investment management

Liability of the company depends on national law in different member states; in most countries the liability is limited to the amount of unpaid capital

It is important to  mention that fundamental concept behind  E.U. company law is that the company and its owners are separate legal persons and have separate rights and duties.
Increase your profits by opening  a branch of your company in the European Union. Use business immigration packages and VAT advice.
European connection project is a best available vehile for relocating your products, staff and services in  Europe, any time you need it; at
any place in EU.
European Connection provides step-by-step assistance for entrepreneurs, professionals and expats who are interested to sell goods and services, seek employment, invest or relocate into European Union. Our permanent cooperation packages is a unique solution for all aspects of  international business: cross- border trade, accommodation, relocation, tax, work permits and business immigration.
Managers of a Chinese import/export company were losing both money and time on the time-consuming business visa applications, which they had to handle every time when they had to visit EU for a marketing research, investment or for the trade negotiations. Finally they decided to apply for a permanent cooperation package. Having their own company in the E.U. made them automatically eligible for travel documents and allowed unlimited access to the markets.

One of our partners, the recruitment company in South East Asia was providing nurses and paramedical personnel for E.U. hospitals. They were spending countless hours and solid amounts of money each time they needed work visa for their personnel. It all changed when they decided to enroll into our permanent cooperation package and registered  branch of their company in European Union. Incorporation of EU entity allowed them to issue work visas and handle payrolls themselves.

An IT specialist from a non-European country who wants to work in Europe has to wait for 6 to 8 months before his work permit and work visa are authorized. But if same IT specialist decides to enrol into permanent cooperation with us, and register his own business in the E.U., his new company will be eligible to offer IT services, invoice clients and earn profit in all E.U. member states, straight from the first day of existence.
Apply now  and find our more about the benefits of the permanent  cooperation package. To start working with us please request a contract form of permanent cooperation package by post or by email.
Therefore, any European company owned by a foreign person is eligible to offer services, trade, earn profits, hire and fire employees, invite partners, and invite workforce from abroad when needed, from the first day of it's existence.
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