You don’t need invitations to get visas to the E.U.
By law, the consulates cannot refuse the travel documents for you if own an economically active company in the E.U.
Thousands if not millions of talented people cannot enter European Union because of problems with visas, invitations and consulates.

You can travel in the E.U. for as long as you whish if you are the owner of any European company

Compared to:  you have an invitation to E.U., you got your visa, and within 90 days it expired… Now what?
You have an offer to get a “business invitation” for a few hundred; while you have to pay a bit more for business development project. So you choose a cheapest way hoping to get a few bucks back when you “get there” .. . Wrong turn.  Having your own company makes you eligible for tax return, social security benefits and even a sponsorship; otherwise you get nothing from the establishment.
In the end, compared to any other way, having your own company is the cheapest option.
You can offer your services and products to European markets immediately after the registration
To stay in most E.U. member sates, one must either have a residence permit, or leave. And staying illegally is a really bad idea believe us-especially given the post 9/11 tough surveillance and ID checks wherever possible.
You can easily get a work permit based on a company registration within a year
Yes, you can come to the European Union with a tourist visa, and try to get a manual work or handle your business…
According to recent stats there is a 90% probability to be arrested, fined and deported for accepting illegal labor.
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