"European connection" is looking to the partners for project development  in IT sector.

Tasks: completing and promoting various on line-products and web platforms

The partnership requirements:
-No geographic restrictions
-Both physical persons and companies can apply
-Solid experience with IT and web programming, experience
  with web development
-Capacity to follow the project from the scratch until the
-Commitment to the project.
-Each party will enroll as an independent contractor.

Description of products: At  2014 "European connection" is planning to launch new products online:

Product one: Commercial database of the web site templates,offered for sale online. We are planning to offer end-users an opportunity to download the complete commercial website including the registered domain for a fixed fee. End users will have the opportunity to choose the templates, thumbnails, banners and other images and texts from our database.

The websites will be ready to use immediately.We are planning to offer the various products, with prices depended on features of the package.

Product two: Web platform allowing to use the individual bank account for direct payments online.

We are planning to offer an online banking web platform allowing individuals to convert their funds directly from their bank accounts to the payment systems who request VISA or Master Card.  Offer updated: 2014.

Please indicate in your response which particular offer interests you. Upon request we help our project partners with necessary travel documents or supporting them by providing other "European connection" services free of charge. To apply for the partnership package, please send us the inquiry followed by short professional presentation or resume:

Remuneration: Successful applicant shall choose from two option.

- We offer the share of sales or commission for regional sales Representatives.
- Our project partners can also provide services for the fee, with no further mutual obligations.

"European connection" is looking for regional sales representatives.

Tasks: promoting the services of "European connection"
and closing deal with new clients.

The partnership requirements:
- No geographic or national restrictions.
- Translation skills, ability to translate the documents of
  "European connection"  at own language.
- High sales and marketing skills and practical sales
- Good networking capacity.
- Shall be able work in the whole region, across national
  borders if needed.

Conditions: Commission based, the permanent salary is possible after the trial period.

How to apply: Please send a short inquiry by email or by using the contact form at our contact section.

If accepted: The sample contract for agent/representative is available at the service page . Please carefully check the document, and return the signed copy to us, if you agree with our terms and conditions. Offer updated: 2014.
For price lists, sample contracts and payment conditions please visit our service page.
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