Description: We are looking for investor for upcoming sports-cafe franchise.   We are planning to establish a venue which would combine the relaxed pub atmosphere with a multiple screens, allowing visitors to watch different international sports events simultaneously at the same time. The pilot cafe shall be set in Brussels,  close to the European Parliament quarter's, with branches following in all other major cities.

Project shall be extremely profitable due to the high demand for public venues showing sports event, especially among the expats who work for international organisations and businesses in the metropolitan areas of Europe.

Profits: The project balance will be published annually. Unless otherwise agreed in writing investors will receive portion of profits, proportional to the share of their investment  to the total worth of the project. Investors can determine amount of shares. We are expecting approximately 150 000 Euro profit per trimester at the promotional stage , estimating 15-20 % growth quarterly. Please contact us for the detailed financial plan.

Investor relations: The separate legal entity can be established to run the project. "European connection" will take care of license and trade permits; we are providing project management; renovation; promotion; development and day-to-day management. We will be recruiting  staff, handling legal framework; and managing suppliers, ensuring the lowest supply prices. We will assist non European investors with residence permits, or visas if required. Depending on the agreement  we will be providing this services either based on a fixed fee or the share of profits. Investment shall cover the the property cost / rent, equipment cost, payroll of staff, supplies and set up costs.

Shall the project attract more then one investor, the general project management policy shall be decided by the joint investors meeting.The schedule of the meetings shall be set by the annual conference of shareholders.

Eligibility: Both physical and juridical persons can apply. No geographic or regional restrictions.

Minimal investment - 32 000 Euro. Estimated value of the project -  
80 000 Euro.
Description: Invest in European property development; giving the new live to the hidden treasure, the ancient buildings in rural parts of Europe. We are offering the  possibility to invest in the development of ancient buildings located at Belgium, southern France, Spain and Italy.

After renovation this property's can be turned into modern style resorts, apartment blocks, hotels or villas, eventually increasing the property value up to 400-500%. "European Connection" offers the database of ancient farmhouses, castles and apartment blocks in historic areas. Average renovation budget is estimated as 50 % of purchase price, but please consult us for details

The property prices range from 50 000 Euro to 300 000 Euro in the Western Europe. The prices start from 6000 euro in the Balkans and new member states (Bulgaria, Romania). Estimated price after rehabilitation and rebuilding is 200 000 - 500 000 Euro  without taking the price mutations into account.

The profits will be shared according the agreement with each investor;in general investors shall receive profits proportional to the share of investment. "European connection" will assist  investors either for a fixed fee, or by accepting the commission from eventual profits. Business plan and detailed evaluation of each property is available upon request.

Investor relations:
"European connection" will help with property evaluation, remodeling, design, renovation and marketing in the event of sale. We are providing assistance with contract and paperwork, guidance through regulations, and consultancy on property tax.

It is possible to apply for a sponsorship which local and federal governments provide  to cover the renovation cost.

Both physical and juridical persons can apply. No geographic restrictions.

Minimal investment - 40 000 Euro. Estimated value of the project 90 000 Euro.

Description:  Upcoming entertainment industry project is looking for sponsors. "European connection" offers an opportunity to invest in production and distribution of fiction books across Europe and in USA. Genre: fiction and non fiction with a focus on commercial thrillers, historical fiction and science fiction. Books shall be distributed through  book stores, targeting wide audience. Most successful novels can be further converted into the full length motion film.

Profits: We are planning to start with offering 10 000 copy of each edition, with expected retail price 5 Euro per copy. The budget for promotional campaign shall be set separately, with minimal amount of 10 000 Euro invested in promotion. The additional copies of successful editions shall be presented at the market. We are expecting income from adopting most popular editions into the screenplays for a full length motion film. The movies can be released both by European or American producers.

Investor relations: Authors are copyright holders for all editions, fiction and non fiction. "European connection" will provide formatting, illustration and promotion. The relations between sponsors and "European connection" will be regulated by the notarized contract. Sponsors will receive commission from any income which will be earned from commercial sales of the books, from royalties and from the sale of rights, including the motion film royalties if applicable. The amount of commission shall be agreed upon between "European connection" and investors separately.

Eligibility: Both physical and juridical persons can apply. No geographic restrictions.

Minimal investment - 20 000 Euro. Estimated value of the project 35 000 Euro.
That's possible to invest in the project which is  owned by "European Connection", profiting for share ownership; or to incorporate the own firm to run the project, using our network as a consultant and project developer. Fees and commissions will be tailored according to the specific needs of each investor. If interested please send your inquiry by email or through the contact form at the "contacts page". If our response will not arrive 48 hours please feel free to call us at +32 47 550 6266.
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