Imagine that the battlefield of Waterloo, the coast of Normandy, the vineyards of Burgundy, the exciting Paris boulevards, the London Tower and the canals of Amsterdam are a two hour drive from your front door...
...The best possible rates for rental accommodation
                               and  real estate one can possibly imagine...
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You were always dreaming about owning an estate in Europe but thought you could not afford it?  Please contact us and get the best real estate for the most suitable price. There are hundreds if not thousands of real estate consultancies or agencies, yet we are unique. Our three step process ensures maximum efficiency.

Step one:
We research the market according to your whishes and select the apartment, house or commercial building which exactly matches your profile. Please contact us and provide as much detail as possible about the size, age, image and type of your ideal property and about the amount you are willing to pay.

If low budget is your priority please put “Lowest price possible” in the subject line to receive the best price on the market. If you want to keep yourself up to date please subscribe for our mailing list, by putting “mail me” in the subject  Real estate consultancy.

Step two: We are not real estate agents; we are consultants carefully guiding the clients through the each step of the deal. We can provide the feedback about actual real estate agent who is handling the sale, monitor the negotiations, we will help you with administration formalities, negotiations  and taxation; we will also help to find notary or attorney when needed.  If necessary we assist our clients with permits, relocation aspects and communicate with municipal and migration authorities.

For international clients we provide translation services both oral and in writing. The certified translation of all documents is also possible upon request.

Step three: Being the combination of architecture studio and a property consultants we aren’t simply offering a real estate from our own existing database as real estate agents do; we are providing a complete research, redesigning, renovation and redecoration service based on individual requirements.

Please contact us to learn more about the exiting possibilities of making a modern style villa out of the ancient dwelling, combining the historic heritage with a modern interior; or to find out about the possibilities to increase the value of your property within a few months, by proper redecoration or rebuilding.
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