Interior design, complete renovation, landscape and environment design: Turning a farmhouse
into a villa...
Turning  a former miner's  house into a comfortable classy estate. Making a luxury villa out of an old farmhouse. Increasing the value of real estate up to 200% within a year. We make this happen.
It is no longer necessary to wait for ages for real estate prices to go up; giving a new look to the old house will allow you to take the matter in your own hands.

Our “New Image, Old home” package includes:

- Evaluation and analysis of buildings, houses and commercial estate to establish a most modest  remodeling, redecoration and rebuilding budget;

- Design and remodeling for house interiors, exterior, garden, land and the whole dependencies;

- Complete remodeling, redecoration and rebuilding works;

- Use of original mural artwork and installation. 

Are you ready to take the next step? Please contact us with a short description of your property and your contact information.
Contact address:  Noordwal 10, 2513EA, Den Haag, The Netherlands, tel: +32 475 506 266,

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