Expat services:step-by-step assistance for business formation, investment and relocation. Please
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European connection project  helps businesses and expats with exploring the unlimited opportunities of European markets. Welcome to European Union!
Business incorporation procedure, social security and work authorisation in the European Union.
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- Incorporation of the new
  companies in E.U., all member
- Business plans, financial
  plans, registration, legal address;
- Branch or company  registration;
- Certificates,  trade authorisation,
   trade permissions and license;
- Office and industrial property,
  rental and for sale;
- Financial services, asset
   management, banking and
   insurance consultancy;
- Investment opportunities; 
  administrative management;
  business development;
- Tax and audit consultancy;
- Trade fairs;
- Sales representation, marketing;
- Advertisement and promotion.
We believe in a  free movement of services, goods, wealth and people...  World's leading business and development analyst, “The Economist” magazine, wrote in the first editorial of past year that removing all existing trade restrictions would increase the GDP worldwide by 200%. Possible profits and new jobs would allow complete withdrawal of humanitarian aid to the developing countries worldwide.

"European connection" network is contributing to the development of  fair and free trade by inviting investments, businesses, ideas and skilled professionals into the European Union. Our network is active worldwide, offering services around the globe without limitations.

     Additional services:

- Membership in trade  
- Translation and  
  both oral and in writing;
- Credit applications;
- Sponsorship, subsidies and
- Marketing databases.

       Export and Import 

- Product certification;
- Dealership and distribution;
- Commercial representation;
- Market research;
- Supplier relations;
- Customs, logistics, and 
  border   tax.

Our  services:
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For companies:
- Travel and relocation service;
-  Relocation services. Business
for investors and
   company owners, work permits;
-  Payroll and employment 

-  Accommodation;
- Tax and  social security 

For individuals:
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